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Advice:5 Mistakes Upcoming Artist Make When Recording.



The reason why many upcoming acts in music are not getting a hit song might not be lack of promotion or good producer, but might be the mistakes they make while recording. Here are few things to avoid while recording that might help you, make your work sound better and professional.

1. Your introduction(intro) should not be too congested, while some songs don’t even need introduction, it’s not a must you shout your name, your producer’s name or other people you want to give credits to, just simply study your song, d concept and know the kind of intro that beat fits in.

2. Using too many unnecessary backups, its normal to back up your chorus & verses but always try to use them where needed so as to avoid your song from being too noisy.

3. Making your song too lengthy; there is a general say that says, leave the ovation is still high, make your message clear and quick, making lengthy songs might get boring to the listener. At most 4mins is enough unless it’s a Cypher or you have more people on the track.

4. Don’t take recording too serious; when you look too serious recording, you might end up recording a good song, but the lyrics are just too hard for the listener to comprehend.

5. Take your time to rehearse before coming to the studio, don’t just hop in without a plan, you might be unlucky to record a song that makes no sense.

Hope you gain something from this?

May God Bless Our husle.

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