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6 English Words That Are Forgotten But Are Just As Useful Today

English is a tricky language and there is no doubt in that. Although it’s the most spoken language all around the world still it’s not the mother tongue of most of the countries and so there are words can be forgotten or misused. Like every other thing in this world, English words also tend to evolve over time. In this age of mass communication, social media and the memes circulating, increasing standardization of a global internet language and easy cultural exchange some English words have been forgotten that can be useful.

Whether this is to our detriment or benefits it’s up to you to decide, but the reality is that in a more visually oriented world, our vocabularies are decreasing. What’s the solution for this? Read more? Get a dictionary? Read Shakespeare? Learn a word daily? Well, we have a solution for you!

Here we have compiled a list of amusing, descriptive, baffling, satisfying forgotten English words from ye olde times that you can impress your mates with!








5. Slugabed


6. Grufeling

A society where the English language is a measure of intelligence, people are expected to be the best in using and playing with words. But as you know that we can’t get perfect in all the languages we speak whether it’s the national language or the ones we are learning. Since life is all about improving and learning new things so we can bring a slight improvement in our vocabularies with every passing day learning these forgotten English words that can be useful today. We shouldn’t stop learning.

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