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Sex Dolls’ Price Too High-Wizkid

Over the past few days, a small conversation about sex dolls has dominated social mediaand now Wizkid is giving his own two cents on the matter.

Starboy, who is currently working on a new album at home in Lagos, wrote in a tweet that he believes the sex dolls are expensive.

In the tweet, Wizkid questioned the makers of the sex dolls, asking if they have any idea what commercial sex workers charge for sex.

While the tweet will not win him any fans but it offers a new perspective on how practical these sex dolls are beyond all the social media buzz.

Sorry, you can’t afford this

As it stands, the doll Sabrina, offered by realsexdolls, a vendor, costs around 2,000 dollars, nearly 800,000 naira.

That excludes shipping and other costs. The allure of having a sex doll on reserve may be strong enough to convince some to part with their money. But for most people, it’s really not that serious.

In the inverse, commercial sex workers are go-to for persons willing to part with some hard-earned cash to satisfy their urges.

Sex workers in Lagos have been around for decades. With the advent of social media platforms, the mode of getting their services have changed.

What’s an ‘olosho’?

The term “olosho” is one that is familiar to almost anyone who has a cursory knowledge of Lagos and its street slangs.

It refers to a class of sex workers who have somehow side-stepped the stigma placed on their work by society.

They are mostly young adults, usua lly in university who cater to the needs of young professionals and walthy men, for a price.

While it is unfair to compare them to sex dolls, they have become synonymous with sex in Nigeria’s city of debauchery.

The night is sprinkled with sex workers, huddled up in vantage points, strutting along popular streets or, if the conditions allow them, enjoying a taste of the Lagos nightlife with a patron in tow.

Needless to say, the economics of sex in Lagos is fairly balanced and there is enough supply to counter an effervescent demand.

While sex dolls are all the rage on Twitter, it’s hard to see them upstaging anything or anyone.

It sucks to say it, but Wizkid may be right.

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